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2016-01-25 21:50:09

Gehua Yang, the Senior Computer Scientist at DualAlign, was invited to the 2015 BioImage Informatics Conference at NIST to present DualAlign's results on the (microscopic) Image Stitching Contest.  i2k Alignversion 3.0, which is still under development, performs extremely well with the 100 Level 1 images.   The mosaic it generated most closely resembled the ground truth. Not surprisingly i2k Align did not perform very well with Level 2 and 3 images, where were acquired with Cy5 fluorescence dye and hence it was mostly black background other than a few sporadic bright regions from colonies.  One idea is to further exploit the stage coordinates from the camera.  Nevertheless, DualAlign is optimistic about applying i2k Align to microscopic images.  DualAlign looks forward to collaboration in microscopic imaging and to bringing this sophisticated image alignment tool for researchers in this field.