About Our Company

DualAlign™ LLC was founded by one of the world’s leading experts in computer vision, Dr. Charles Stewart. DualAlign™ leverages its intellectual property in image registration and image recognition to develop software for medical, retinal, defense and photographic imaging firms looking to create sophisticated and novel imaging applications.

DualAlign™ was founded to transform emerging computer vision technologies, including image registration and montage technologies, into advanced software solutions ready for industry.  DualAlign™ can solve problems where other software developers fail due to its proprietary image registration and montage technology, considered the most advanced of its kind, and due to the technical sophistication of its team.

Our Mission

Transform emerging computer vision technologies into advanced software solutions.

Our Values

  • Transforming emerging image registration and montage technologies into best-in-class software solutions.
  • Create image registration software that helps the user make important decisions.
  • Not satisfied with 99% effectiveness.
  • Driving for best-in-class performance.
  • Offer effective and innovative solutions to problems in the application of computer vision.