CNET Editor's Review of Panorama Software-i2k Quickage™

"DualAlign's i2K Quickage™ Pro provides the tools for stitching together several similar pictures to create a photomontage. This surprising program performed its tasks with excellent results.

i2k Quickage™ Pro ....is a great program and one we recommend."

Before Panorama Software - i2k Quickage™

Numerous pictures taken of Manhattan Skyline with a low resolution iPhone camera.
Individual photos taken with iphone

After Panorama Software - i2k Quickage™

Our panorama software, i2k Quickage™, which is powered by i2k technology, combined the iPhone photos into one beautiful composite (see below) that truly captured the moment. If i2k Quickage™ was able to produce this result with a low resolution mobile camera, then imagine what you can do!
Resulting image after having been processed by panorama software

We've all been there - you take a lot of pictures
and you just don't capture the moment! With our
Panorama Software - i2k Quickage™, it doesn't have to be that way.

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