INSIDE Support

  • Provide your product activation code if you are an existing DualAlign customer (this is a number of the form 1111-2222-3333-4444).
  • Include the email address of the registered owner of the activation code, if you are not sending from the email address that is associated with the original purchase of the activation code.
  • Include a copy and paste of any error code, error message, and also the program output log. The error code and error message should be in the program output log. Console logging can be turned on and custom log file location specified using GUI, command-line, and API products. If you have problems that result in errors , sharing the log file is quick way to get a solution.
  • Attach any screen captures that will help explain your question.
  • Please share your system specs: What OS ? 32 bit OS vs 64 bit OS, Total System RAM, CPU make and model. Best to share in a screen shot.
  • Attach any sample input images if they help explain your question.
  • Provide a step-by-step description of your question or situation.
  • Note any details about any recent changes to your system such as a recent upgrade to hardware or system software.