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General FAQ

Q:   How to perform a more complete uninstall (Windows) ? A:  When a customer is to perform a major version upgrade, It may be advisable for the customer to ensure no DualAlign preference files remain behind after an execution of "Program Files/i2k Retina x64/uninstall.exe" . The DualAlign uninstall executable may or may not remove DualAlign preference files from "/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming". Nevertheless, The customer can take full control by deleting "/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/i2k Retina x64" after having run uninstall.exe , if needed. If the customer gets a message such as "license is invalid on this machine" after having a) run uninstall.exe b) downloaded and installed new version, and c) Trying proper activation code for new version, then is very possible that the above attention to preferences and removal of preference files ... will solve the new activation problem.

Q:   How to transfer your license to a new computer? A:  To move your i2k Retina or i2k Align to a new computer you must first deactivate the license. From the i2k Align user-interface there is a menu item named License and from there you select Deactivate. Assuming you have an internet connection, then the DualAlign database will be updated. You can now install the software on the new computer and activate the software with your existing activation code. If de-activation is not possible, please contact customer support for assistance.

If you are using the command line utility, then you can execute the deactivation on prior computer with:

da_i2k_retina_exec_v2 -license [path-to-license-folder] -deactivate

followed by an activation on the new computer similar to this (please replace fake code below with your code) ...

da_i2k_retina_exec_v2 -license [path-to-license-folder] -activate 1111-2222-3333-4444

Q:   I bought a Windows license, can I use it with Mac OSX instead? A:  Yes. Our Windows and Mac OSX licenses are interchangeable. Customer can choose either platform to work with.

Q:   Installation for Local Users (not admins) A:  How may I allow a local user with modest privileges to run i2kRetina ?
Here is a link to our documentation ...
Windows Multi User / Local user install Document

Q:   What Are the required System Specs ? A:  For Windows (version 7.x or higher) or Mac OS (version 10.8 or higher), we recommend at least two physical CPU cores and 8GB of RAM.

Q:   Where can I find User Guide for i2kRetina GUI ? A:  <Click Here for User Guide for i2kRetina GUI

i2k Align

Q:   when aligning a set of images, is there a flag that will crop all the output images to include only the area that is present in all the images? In other words - cut away all the borders and spaces where only a few images overlap (but not all of them). A:  Yes, expand the options tab on the main window. One will see "Aligned Images Crop Options" (shown below). Please change that to Intersection, which will crop out areas where only some images have content but not all. If one needs one of the images to remain "fixed", right click the image, choose "set as target". A target image is the one that will remain fixed.

If a target image is chosen, one may also want to unselect "Distortion Correction", which try to move all images around a bit to minimize overall perspective distortion.