Two-Eyes Montage

Video Summary

In some circumstances a set of images might have a mixture of left and right eyes and you may want to generate a montage for each without needing to separate the images into separate folders. In the following video, 15 images are loaded and the user does the following:

  • After loading the images, click on the "Select all " button at the bottom,
  • Confirm the software is configured for retinal images and montage output at the top right,
  • Select "Process" (wait several seconds up to fraction of minute)
  • Look at the montage image in the i2k Viewer application
  • Return to the dialog box in i2k Retina (about 68 seconds into the video) and click first on the list of "Aligned Images"
  • Click on the "Non-aligned Images" and look at the list of file names (notice they are all named with an "a")
  • Use a right-click over the "2a" image and select "Set as target" (1:21 in the video)
  • Select "Process" again. Notice it only takes 12 seconds to generate the second montage because the images have already been aligned to each other.

Video Example